Restart with the Reset!

What a better way to start the new year than with a 21 day full body cleanse?!

Back in 2012 when I did the Ultimate Reset I had great results and felt so incredible. Doing it with my sister and boss will make the experience even more enjoyable, so that we have accountability and can whine to each other if and when needed!

Will I miss coffee, carbs and wine?! Yep. You know it! But what I’m going to gain (or better yet, lose!) from it will be even greater!

I plan to write a couple times a week about the journey, my progress, and how I’m feeling.  There are 3 phases; week 1 – Reclaim, week 2 – Release and week 3 – Restore, each one priming, strengthening and balancing your body on the cellular level.

Over the weekend I did part 1 of my grocery shop, which was for the pantry items. This Saturday I will be shopping for all the produce items and Sunday, it all begins!

Here is what I bought at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods:

resetLast time I did the reset, I was introduced to many foods I had never tried and continue to include them in my daily eats. Foods like quinoa, tempeh, lentils, and seaweed were all new to me, but now I totally love them, so this won’t be torture at all when it comes to meals.

Here are the posts from 2012 when I completed the reset:

Day 1
Release – I can’t wait to have that stomach back!!

I’ll be back soon! Stay tuned.

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