Making The Year Mine

Hello, Loves!

I’m so ready for a brand new year. It means a clean slate and fresh start and I’m more than ready for all that. It was a rough end to 2014, so the opportunity to start over is wonderful.

From January 11 to January 31 I’m participating in the Ultimate Reset with my sister, Ashley, and my boss, Cali. Seeing as I thoroughly enjoyed the holidays in Austin (and by thoroughly I mean ate ALL the food) I’m ready to detox and get back on track to feeling healthy and confident.

I barely worked out in December and I ate really shitty, too. While I enjoyed the break, it’s just not me and I miss my salads and double workouts at the gym.

I can’t believe how much blogging about my food and fitness actually effects my choices. During the last few months of not blogging, I’ve made poor decisions and skipped more and more workouts. I like the accountability and checking in and planning my weekly workouts – even if no one reads; I know I have a set plan!

I’m looking forward to getting back into it and while the reset posts won’t be the typical F2BF posts, I’m excited to share the journey and my progress with you all!

I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year. Here are some shots from the last two months! Enjoy!



Until next time.

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