Weird, but Effective {fitness, food, fashion}

Hey, hey, hey there!!

Happy November! Wow – I can’t believe we’re already at the beginning of the holiday season and the end of Fall.


We had a lovely Fall here and I’m not ready to see it leave and watch the snow come in – yuck – but I guess I’m pretty excited for the holidays!

How was your week? Mine seemed to drag a bit, but now it’s Friday, it’s Dan’s birthday today and my brother is in town! All good news there!

The weekend will be filled with family, friends and celebrating birthdays (my dad’s was 10/26), as well as, my parents 33 year wedding anniversary (11/7). Tonight I’m hoping to take Dan for a drink, just the two of us, before meeting up with everyone else. Then, on Saturday, my sister is hosting a football party at her house and Saturday night will be Dan’s family birthday party! Busy, busy!


This week was pretty good workout wise.



Tuesday – Light Lift – Legs and Abs + Renegade/Metabolic



Thursday – Lift – Upper

 – ShaunT’s T25 workout, short but sweaty

I was supposed to workout during my lunch hour yesterday, but instead, I went to meet up with my  friend, Kayla, for lunch.


Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad – yes, please!! We split the wrap and a bowl of Tomato soup – it was the perfect amount.

The rest of the week, my eats were basically the usual with a little flair.


Salad with Chicken


Roasted Parmesan Cauliflower with Cherry-Chipotle Pork


Open-face Chicken Sandwich on Ezekiel with Chili


Cottage Cheese with Banana and Cinnamon (unusual, but good!)


Vanilla Shakeology with 1/3 Banana and Cottage Cheese (also really weird, but effective) I was full for hours!


Quest Protein Bars


I got these two new flavors to try. The Coconut Cashew is for sure my new favorite. I haven’t opened the Cookie Dough, yet, but plan on trying it soon! (Thanks, Emily) 🙂

Friday Fashion – Some looks from this week:



Do you want to be featured on the next F2BF Fashion Friday post?! Well, now you can! Simply email me, FocusedToBeFit@gmail, with your picture, outfit details and blog link (if applicable) and you will be on my Reader Feature fashion post! Hurry, there’s only a week left, so come up with a cute outfit this weekend and send it my way!

How was your week? Any big plans for the weekend?
What’s your favorite protein bar – brand/flavor?

Happy birthday, Daniel!! See you soon. ❤

— Lauren


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3 Responses to Weird, but Effective {fitness, food, fashion}

  1. My favorite protein bar are definitely thinkThin Creamy PB bars — but I really want to try the Quest bars!

  2. Sounds like you have a busy weekend ahead! I love your earrings. Sadly I can’t really wear earrings anymore because my holes are too close to the end of my ears and they pull. So sad. Have a great weekend!

  3. Melanie says:

    Wow, all of your food looks amazing! I’m hungry now, lol. It sounds like you have such a fun weekend planned…I hope you have a wonderful time!!

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